A 100% self-organizing village in Myanmar

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February 10, 2020
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A 100% self-organizing village in Myanmar

I magine, you live in a country without any form of social security. You become pregnant, but you are not married, so you (kind of) are left out to dry. What do you do? This happened to Yamin Chit before she arrived at the Thabarwa Meditation Centre.

And believe me, the word Centre does not begin to cover it. We better call it a 100% self-organizing village. Yesterday I visited the village that is situated just south of Yangon, in a small town called Thanlyin.

Good deeds

A nd what a day it was! Purpose of the day...to talk about several projects for which they need help. Sayalay, a nun with an Italian background who has been living in the village for 15 years, had scheduled her entire day to show me around.

What once started as an idea from a buddhist monk has now grown into a fully self-organizing village of 4,000 local people. Quite a few of them with a troubled background, living in a country without a proper social security system in place.

They take care of each other, cook with and for each other, run the hospital, the dentist, take care of the elderly, the children go to school, all activities that are part of life in a village are carried out by the residents without any financial compensation. What makes it extra special is the entire structure is based on self-organization. There is no hierarchy. Some people turn out to be leaders. Others prefer to follow. The entire system is based on the philosophy that good deeds are rewarded with good deeds. And it works! By western standards it does not provide for the luxury we are used to. However on a social level we can learn a great deal from them.

Is meditation the trick?

I am still processing all the experiences. 1000 questions are coming up that I have not yet asked. In western society many companies talk about self-organizing systems. And here, in Myanmar it works! Everybody is free to go wherever they want, to believe whatever they want. And they all stay and participate. With only one string attached... having a positive attitude towards life and people.

Every day meditations takes place at several places in the village. And everyone participates. Young, old and even the animals sit down (as you can see for yourself in the pictures). What a special experience! Would that be the reason for this success? Should we start educate children in meditation in western society?

I must honestly say that I have never experienced before that with whomever you talk, people are friendly. It seems there is no hidden agenda. Just working together, being positive, believing in the good of people. It's daily business there!

New projects in the box!

R emains one thing for now. Is there a possibility to offer help? The answer is YES! They came up with 3 projects. They are very much in need of knowledge and hands. For now here are some clues … bio-gas, innovative waste processing and something with a sewer. The detailed project descriptions will follow shortly. It's your chance to see a self-organizing village with your own eyes! Keep an eye on the site or subscribe to the newsletter here at the bottom. It describes all of the stories behind the first 100 projects, interesting developments and fun facts.

Share a location!

D o you know a place where people can use some help and is also a great place to visit. Please share it with us. Together with you we decide if and how your project becomes one of the first 100 locations once the platform is launched. And if you're not sure about a location. Just contact us! We guide you through the concept. Let's help the locals and make the world a little nicer 😀.

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