Bunnik ~ Farming and caring for animals

Nyaung Shwe ~ Translating flyers into Spanish
June 29, 2019

What kind of help is needed?

T he animals need daily care: nurturing, giving water, but also cleaning stables are recurring activities. Calves are born all year round. Every season has its specific activities.

How can you participate?

D o you like to work outside, do you have affinity with animals and like helping out on a traditional Dutch farm? We invite you to spend some of your free-time to help us out. You don't need an agricultural background, but you need to love being outside, working with animals or crops.


Why is this place amazing?

F arm 'De Zonnewijzer' is an old and small farm. Situated between the woods and meadows in a beautiful nature area, near the city of Utrecht. Every fellow is treated with a breakfast, lunch or dinner. This way you not only learn the farming business, but they will tell you a lot about the Dutch culture, the surroundings and of course Dutch cuisine.


Boerderij De Zonnewijzer

Koningslaan 15

3981 HD Bunnik

The Netherlands